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  • eric moon

    any vic skippers planning on attending? i would imagine white caps and victoria’s don’t go together very well…

  • ron_blackledge

    IOM Captain Update– Hood River carnage

    Well it is the second windiest place in North America. I got there early (10AM) to get a feel for the Marina. It is a beautiful area and excellent site for an r/c regatta however two seconds after leaving my car my hat blew away and is now probably stuck to a Bonneville turbine. I asked a guy at a wind surfing rental hut if it was always this windy. He said, “Well yeah of course. Its no nukeout but it will get windier this afternoon.” Later, Chris checked his wind indicator
    and advised it was only blowing 20 knots. But a cute little wind surfer in a blue pokadot bikini told me it was gusting 35 knots and we will go with that as the official wind speed.

    Your fearless IOM Captain only lasted 20 minutes in the water when the B rig jib sheet and rigging was ripped off the boat. I do not have a C rig. I retired her before most of the skippers showed up at the Marina. I stuck around to help with the starts and scoring until my legs turned a dark salmon red(it is sunny and hot in the gorge) and my folding chair blew off the pier into the water. All in all I had a good time but would have had a much better time spending five hours in the air conditioned Full Sail tasting room.

    Like the the carnage at the Ben Hur chariot race, the Ali / Frazier fight, a last lap at Daytona, Australian Football, Beavers beating the Ducks or Godzilla versus King Kong, the Gorge was a cruel mistress. A few brave souls raced and not all of them finished. B rigs were the order of the day. There was one C rig on Chris’ TS 2 that was sailed by his son. Morgan set the course inside the Marina with the help of Ed McReynolds. Ed is a long time OMYC member and is the Captain of the OMYC Hood River Squadron. He manned the chase boat and special thanks go his direction. By the way Ed we are building an OMYC IOM club boat. You need to join us occasionally at Westmoreland Pond and race the club boat. Everyone showed solid skipper ability working the boats around the course. David’s Image had several good races until his jib rigging blew up and he retired early. Morgan sailed his Widget steady near or at the front as usual. Jerry’s
    Glamrock appeared to be the fastest boat but Chris sailed his new Widget very skillfully. Chris was over the finished line first several times. George got one second with the hapless SC
    4….definitely a light air vessel. Herb had leakage problems but finished all the races. Chris, son deserves credit for struggling with the TS 2.

    Despite some struggles, it appears the skippers had a lot of fun and more experienced sailing in the Big wind.

    See you in two weeks at peaceful Westmoreland Pond. We are having a scored IOM race beginning at 12:30……

  • george_georgiadis

    Some of you already got the email from Herb. I am posting it here for the benefit of the ones that did not.

    Herb says:
    “Yes- Hood-River was an experience for everyone. #-two sail suit necessity.
    Herb’s hook on the stay wire pulled out(we made the repair)and proceeded for
    the day. Boy did we had a ball. Thank for the safety boat and for Ed and
    his Friend.
    More pictures available. For good sailing, Herb.”

    Morgan’s email:
    “Late breaking news, those who stayed on later after marks were pulled were treated to solid middle of C rig conditions.”

  • David Glassow # USA 84

    I would have to say this was my first real heavy wind regatta and with only experience in med. to light air’s some thoughts that never cross my mind was setting up your boat with gust into 20-25 knots is not such an easy task and repairs to fair leads, shrouds, stays, and Bowie’s that are in need of a steady hand,,, seem to be compounded 10 fold in the gusts… my day was cut short when I was trying to make the start and thrown my IOM in the water was too much for my “B” rig to handle and either broke my shrouds or crimps let go on different points of the Rigging…But George let me try out Morgans SC4 ( I nicknamed the “SUB”) and we swapped back and forth, taking turns helping Quinton mange to keep in contact with the fleet, not an easy task when when you have top ranking sailors from the northwest…I had a Great time as I think everyone else did


  • Chris Brundege


    Chris Brundege

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